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  • Welcome to Aerotek Design Ltd.

    Supporting Aerospace, Automotive and IT services with world-class Engineering

  • Our Vision

    Our vision at Aerotek Design is to provide cost effective Engineering solutions

  • Our Mission

    To improve the standards of Product Design, Engineering Simulation and Software development by investing in the best people, processes and technologies available worldwide

About Aerotek Design Limited

Aerotek is a diversified engineering solutions provider. We provide services in Mechanical Design CAD, CAM, CAE and IT Solutions.

The services provided is to give peace of mind and at the same level as if placing an order with a UK based Company. We will manage the procurement and outsourcing for you via our UK office, whilst manage the quality aspects and timely delivery of the solutions in a cost efficient manner.

From product design and development to software application development and testing, we can help you. If you have a project with a tight schedule, budget constraints or limited capacity, we can help you expand your team and bridge any capability almost immediately.